Client: Volkswagen Group Culture
Type of Engagement: Book production project.
Main Challenge: Creation of “German Design Glossary”, a beautifully produced book to accompany Volkswagen Group’s exhibition “Driven by German Design” in Al Riwaq Gallery, Doha in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Martin Roth, Esra Aydin and Benita von Maltzahn.
Solutions: Design and production of a comprehensive glossary that reviews 80 years of German design history in English, German and Arabic language. Birgitta Homburger also developed the glossary’s taxonomy – compiling and curating all design terms that are relevant in today’s context. In order to foster a dialogue on design culture(s), Birgitta Homburger led a co-creative workshop with design students in Doha.
Result: Fostering cultural exchange between the German, English and Arabic design communities.