LAUFEN is a Swiss company with a 130 year old tradition of manufacturing fine ceramic bathroom objects. The brand is evolving from a manufacturer to a provider of holistic bathroom solutions: in its design lines, LAUFEN assembles ceramic objects, furniture, fittings and accessories. Studio Homburger is accompanying this evolution and supports LAUFEN’s recognition in Germany through continuous brand and design management.
As part of this process, Studio Homburger connects the brand to contemporary creatives and change makers.
LAUFEN space Berlin

Main challenge: Developing an innovative spatial concept for the new showroom in Berlin that unites local design culture with the heritage of the brand. The concept was born and  evolved in close collaboration with Konstantin Grcic and Marc Comes.
Solutions: Spatial design concept, communication strategy and materials.
Result: The new concept reframed the space as a place for presentation, experimentation and dialogue in order to differentiate it from similar showrooms and to anchor it in Berlin’s creative scene.
Digital Opening of LAUFEN space Berlin

Main challenge: 
Planning and communicating the opening of the space in spite of restrictions brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Solutions: Digital event program, production of personal invitations, production of high quality posters for press contacts and VIPs, all digital communication materials.

Result: Introducing LAUFEN space Berlin as a new place for exchange and creative innovation in Berlin.