As a founder and partner of ANALOG, a glass brand established in 2019, I collaborate with two partners, Philipp Weber and Julius Terlinden. Our focus lies in creating hand-blown glass objects that harmoniously blend traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. We strive to infuse artistic design into everyday objects, pushing the boundaries of glassblowing through skilful production. Our approach revolves around integrating design, technology, and art seamlessly, with the goal of crafting culturally impactful objects. 

Type of Engagement: Founding Partner

Main Challenge: In 2022, we set out to found a premium design brand with three partners—all driven by a love for glass and the wealth of old manufacturing techniques. How can these techniques come to life again in a modern world seemingly ruled by fast competition.

Solutions:  Product development and design, strategic brand positioning, holistic brand design, development of the portfolio structure and the collections nomenclature, development of the brands voice and narrative and long-term-communication planning, holistic production of all communication materials, development of distribution channels, online-shop.

Result: Establishing the brand as a premium glass brand.


Type of Engagement: Founding Partner

Main Challenge: Develop a product collection merging traditional glassblowing techniques with contemporary design for a culturally impactful series.

Solutions: The collection is crafted using a rare and intricate glassblowing technique using different colored flat glass. The notion of utilizing glass and mirrors to open up space has long been a source of interest, drawing from numerous cultural and historical references, such as church windows and fine art pieces.

Result: A collection of mirrors characterized by a subtle, handcrafted aesthetic that elegantly interacts with light and its surrounding environment, offering a captivating visual experience.